Who Else Wants To Beat Procrastination? At Last, There Is Now A Proven Way To Quickly And Easily Start Getting Things Done Again.

"If You Can Follow An Easy Step-By-Step System You Have What It Takes To Stay Motivated And Start Achieving Much More In Only 10 Minutes A Day..."                                     Peter Murphy

(Exposed - The Fascinating Motivation Secrets The Super Successful Keep To Themselves)

From: Peter Murphy, Peak Performance Expert 

Dear Friend,
Listen! It's not your fault if you think getting motivated is hard. The problem is nobody ever explained to you that it can be easy. Let me share a surprising secret with you...

You see we all get motivated in different ways and for different reasons. And as soon as you discover what works best for you - getting motivated and staying motivated will seem like child's play. I'll explain...

- Obviously, there have been plenty of times in the past when you were highly motivated. The only challenge is in knowing how to do it again. (You have the capability - you just need to find the motivation blueprint that is right for you.) That's what this report is all about...

"Peter, you've got a way of showing simply, exactly and directly how real people can get the results they've been wanting for so long --- and get 'em now. No more long waits for the changes we want, and no more dependence on the gurus. Finally, true Do-It-Yourself comes to Self-Help! Brilliantly done."

Charles Burke - SizzlingEdge.com

Why You are not Always as Motivated as You Want to Be and What to Do!

Interestingly, the latest scientific research shows that your unconscious mind and your conditioned responses control five sixths of your behavior...  

 And That's Why You Have So Much Difficulty Motivating Yourself... 

- You are expecting the limited power of the conscious mind to over ride the dominant unconscious programs which keep you from changing your behavior. What can you do?

Thankfully there is an easy, proven way to unleash the extraordinary resources of your unconscious and to start achieving again. In this article you will find out about a simple 5 step formula you can start using today.

But first. Let me tell you about John. His amazing story is proof positive that even if you are underachieving it is possible to have a dramatic turnaround when you discover how to motivate yourself....

John Assaraf should have been in jail or dead. Breaking and entering, theft, drugs, the streets were John's playground. He had dirty money in his pockets and a gang of friends to back him up if things got tough. 

And somehow he went from being a scrappy street kid and gang ringleader to a highly successful CEO and multimillion-dollar entrepreneur.

Incredibly, today - one of John's companies generates over $3.5 billion dollars a year in sales and another is netting millions every month. 

His secret? 

John attributes this epic turnaround in his life to one key distinction - he invested in himself to discover how to take charge of his mind. John Assaraf discovered how to motivate himself in a positive way.

Read on to find out how you can take charge of your own thinking to produce outstanding results and enjoy lasting motivation for the rest of your life..

"Focused thinking is what it takes to truly get what we want. We can train our brains to be more productive and successful, we've only got to learn how. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking isn't taught in school.

We are born into certain circumstances, but that doesn't mean we are stuck in them. We can change our habits and have it all."

John Assaraf - multimillion-dollar entrepreneur and optimum performance expert

How to Start Achieving Again Even if You Feel Stuck and Discouraged...

Like I said already, there is a reason why you are not always as motivated as you want to be. I had to find out for myself what that reason is because I tend to be a fairly laid back person. I like to take life easy and enjoy the moment. I like to stop and smell the roses. The problem is that I sometimes forget to get moving again, to start achieving again. 

And this habit of not doing things now or worse not doing them at all has got me into big trouble in the past. Sometimes the only way I could get anything done was when a deadlines loomed over me. I had to deliver the goods or get fired (I know what that's like too). I used to find this a very tense and hard way to live. Maybe you do too?

Despite the ups and downs of this way of life I continued to live like this until 10 years ago. 

What changed?

Well, the gap between my dreams of being rich, happy and the center of a wild social whirl and the reality of living a dull life in a low paid dead end job with virtually no social life started to slowly but surely drive me nuts.

I was well qualified for a better job but  I didn't have one. I was friendly enough to have a crazy, action packed social life but I didn't have that either. In fact, as soon as I could drag myself home from work another boring evening in front of the TV was all I had to look forward to. 

At the time my friends were moving ahead in respectable professions, making good money and enjoying their free time in lively and entertaining company. I was so envious.

I wasn't just envious. I was fed up with the situation I was stuck in and utterly frustrated with my lack of success and my inability to improve my life. What was I doing wrong? Why is it life seems to be working out so much better for everyone but me?

Well after one more cold and dark winter I had enough. I was desperate for a way out. I started to think that maybe I needed to find out how to become more successful. I had read lots of these kind of books before and most of them did help but only a little.

I obviously needed to find proven hard core strategies that would work for me.

"Unusual Method Of Dealing With Procrastination Is A Real Eye-Opener!"

"5 Steps to Motivation helped me so much with goal setting. I had never before considered the ecology of the goals I set for myself. No wonder I had trouble getting motivated!

I also found the anchoring technique so helpful for boosting my self confidence and restoring calm in stressful situations. The releasing information is another key tool in staying motivated without the tension that sometimes accompanies working hard toward a goal. And the system's unusual method of dealing with procrastination is a real eye-opener!

The book is concise and easy to follow. Doing one step at a time, as the author suggests, makes this powerful system so accessible. I've never been so enthusiastic about doing the tasks I need to do."


Thank you, Peter Murphy, for 5 Steps to Motivation!"

Judy Woods - Greenville, Texas.

- These are the 3 Essential Elements You will not Find in Self Help Books -

I also started to realize something that's actually very important. Don't read the success books of the self help experts - go to the source. What do I mean? 

What I am saying is that the vast majority of self help teachers are drawing from the same pool of knowledge only they don't tell you this. They simply repackage it and put their smiling face to it!

Another thing you may not already know. The most popular self help books have to appeal to a very wide audience so some of the more powerful tools are never included because a big part of the audience will not understand them.

And, the final problem with general self help material is that its very hard to customize it so that it works in your own life. In your special and unique situation.

Have you ever read some clever ideas about how to change your life but had no idea how to use it? Or maybe you even tried to use it but for some reason it didn't work for you?

Well your experience is typical. That's why people keep looking for the next new thing that's going to change their life. Because nothing else worked.

How I Unraveled the Mystery of Motivation and the Disturbing Implications for You

Back to my story..

That's exactly the situation I found myself in. I had read a ton of books and made some but very little progress because:

  • I was reading a faded photocopy and not from the source of the material

  • The books left out the powerful tools I needed

  • When I followed the advice it didn't work for me in my situation

At this point I was not only frustrated. I saw no way out. I felt like a caged animal. I was completely stuck.

But thankfully I recognized that I had hit rock bottom or I might never have climbed out of the hole I was digging for myself. 

Because I was so stuck I was open to new ideas and new ways of improving myself and I signed up for a one year peak performance course. I was a little scared that I might be wasting what little money I had but I had to try something different. If I kept doing what I had been doing the sheer frustration would have driven me crazy.

And anyway the course organizers offered a money back guarantee so I had nothing to lose.

At the time I didn't even have a car (that was on my list of unachieved goals) so I traveled by train once a month for the next year to attend each seminar.

The seminars were dynamite. For the first time I was learning the hard core strategies I had been searching for but not finding in those overly general self help books.

When You Change - Your World Changes and Strange Things Start to Happen

And some unusual things started to happen. Within weeks of that first seminar I got myself a racing bicycle and I started cycling for 45 minutes every evening. I joined the local tennis club and won a tournament a short time after that. 

Interestingly, work didn't seem like such a big deal anymore. It no longer bothered me the way it used to and it no longer sapped the life force out of me like it used to. And my social life took off like crazy - for the very first time I needed a diary to keep on top of it. I was having a ball!

(Remember, in the past I used to drag myself home from work to watch TV.)

I started to enjoy solving problems. For the first time ever I went looking for solutions to those nagging problems no one else could fix. And without even noticing - I was becoming more and more successful. I talked differently - I now had an enthusiasm and a vitality in my voice that really grabbed people. And I even walked differently! I had a sense of purpose and a certainty I could succeed that  I never knew was possible.

If you had told me I could change so radically and so quickly before it happened I would not have believed you. We all like to believe that anything is possible but the truth is we are afraid to in case we are disappointed. I felt the same way. 

Thankfully by this time I understood what I was looking for - a system made up of source material, the hard core strategies that can be customized to my life. 

The Difference that Made the Biggest Difference

Did everyone else on the course have the same kind of breakthroughs? 

No! Most got a short term boost and were right back where they started by the end of the course. A few got similar results to me and we shared something in common  - desperation.

We had to make this stuff work. We had no alternatives left. And we also shared one other crucial thing in common - we used these hard core strategies each and everyday. And because we did we became very proficient, very quickly at taking charge of our minds and our lives.

In fact, I believe that if you will commit to investing 10-15 minutes a day to mastering these hard core motivation strategies and you customize them to your unique situation... you will have the kind of get up and go that most people can only fantasize about. You will quickly become one of those respected individual other people talk about behind their back:

"How did he become so successful? What's his special secret? He always seems so alive, so focused? I wish I had his natural drive and enthusiasm for life."

It makes me laugh! When people marvel at my zest for life and raw enthusiasm for getting things done. They assume I was born like this. Well, I wasn't!

I'm a fairly lazy person who thankfully discovered the secrets to self-motivation. The hard core how-to that most people never even hear about.

If it worked for me just imagine what you can do...

What Can You Do Now to Enjoy the Same Success?

First of all you could do what I did. It worked very well for me. Find the very best trainers there are and sign up for a one year course in peak performance. this will set you back $25,000 or more but it will be well worth it as long as you do what  I did...

Immerse yourself in these hard core strategies and commit yourself to mastering them. And spend a bare minimum of 10-15 minutes a day using the material in your own life.

Obviously the benefits will be well worth it - motivation will never again be a problem in your life and nothing will stop your from making your dream come true. And after all isn't a driving sense of purpose what separates the truly successful from everyone else who are just hoping things will change. 

Look! There is a faster, much simpler and far more economical way to get to where you want to go. 

It is now over ten years since I first learnt these hard core motivation strategies I have been telling you about. And over the years I have played with the strategies, tried to break them, and found ways to make them easier to use and even faster at delivering the results you want.

In fact, I have taken only the best and most practical of all the good stuff I learned and packed it into one system - The 5 Step Motivation System. Its a system anyone can use to start getting results right away.

I am convinced that anyone of at least average intelligence who will commit a mere 10-15 minutes a day to using these powerful strategies will never again have to worry about motivation.

If this doesn't sound like you then please don't read any further because I will not be able to help you.

Back to our chat...

What kind of results can you expect from The 5 Step Motivation System? Good question!

Even More Success Stories

On those rare occasions when I have the time I work one on one with clients who can afford my fees. Here are just a few examples of the results I have had. Please note in each instance I only used a small fraction of my complete  5 Step Motivation System. Why use a sledge hammer when a nut cracker will do the job just fine!

# The Worried Entrepreneur with a Failing Business

A self-employed man whose business depended entirely on using the telephone to generate new business approached me. 

When I worked with him, he had not made a cold call in a year. He was stricken by fear and could not face rejection. As a result he was now facing some immediate and painful financial challenges. 

After less than one hour of change work, he was ready to start cold calling again and he got back to work on the following day.

# An Unhappy Tennis Player in a  Rut

I was excited by the prospect of working with a player who was on a losing streak. 

A man who was passionate and committed to succeeding yet he had not got beyond the first round of a tournament in the past four years. I worked with him to establish some inspiring goals for his game and I also identified key leverage points for improvement in his game. 

After assisting this player in making a quantum leap forward in his game, to his delight he reached the final of the next tournament he entered.

# The Growing Business with Emerging Difficulties

The Managing Director of a successful start up operation was keen to work with me to address issues, which if left unattended could have slowly dragged his business under. 

I used an advanced coaching approach to assist the M.D. and one of his directors to devise an effective strategy to get the business back on track. 

The step-by-step plan we devised was put into action right away and the resulting improvements in the way the business was marketed immediately generated the revenue needed to avert a cash flow crisis.

# A Frustrated Under-performing Hockey Player 

A hockey player reluctantly told me that it was ten years since he had played at his 

We discussed what it was he really wanted and then turned his dream of how well he wanted to play into reality using mental rehearsal in a novel and creative way. 

A week later he rang me - ecstatic with the results. The next match he played he played exceptionally well and his captain turned to him at the end of the game to tell him that he had never seen him play better. 

While you may be impressed with these results remember you will be far more inspired and excited when you start seeing these kind of results for yourself. When you can taste and smell success every day, when people start commenting on your natural drive and enthusiasm for life -- remember what I said earlier. People will think you were born this way!

I told you a little about the successes I have had earlier. Here are some more for you. Bear in mind that when you use my system for just 10-15 minutes a day your results may make mine look plain silly. When that happens don't gloat too much!

What Else Have I Done that Depended on Motivation?

  • In search of success and riches I moved to England to start a new career and with no contacts I entered an industry I knew nothing about and went from junior trainee to management in less than 6 months.

  • I won a company wide sales competition even though 3 months beforehand I had never sold anything in my life.I went from novice to expert at lightning speed.

  • For one year I made a 7 1/2 hour round trip by train each month to attend peak performance seminars and I used my vacation days to do it. Even though I hate traveling!

  • I left a well paid position as a corporate executive with great prospects to start my own business and I motivated myself to get things done from my home office... without needing a boss to set me deadlines, encourage me or chase me. 

What is remarkable is that I did all of the above even though I do not always find it easy to be motivated. All I did was use the simple 5 Step Motivation System I am describing to you.

You deserve to know how to tap into your natural enthusiasm and passion for life like I already have - its inside you waiting to be released like the genie in the bottle! All you need to do is discover how to think and feel in a new way and your results will astound you.

By now you may be wondering what exactly is covered in my system...

Like I mentioned earlier I crammed over 10 years of the very best material I have learned into this system plus I have also added my own twists to the strategies to make them even easier to learn and to ensure you will start seeing results as soon as possible.

A lot of the strategies may be completely new to you and even where I touch on concepts you have heard of before it is the key distinctions I point out that will ensure you succeed where you used to fail. 

For example when I introduce goal setting I will point out why it has never worked that well for you in the past and how to design magnificent obsessions that are so right for you that you will hardly be able to stop yourself from pursuing your dreams.

You see success is hidden in the detail. With my precise self-motivation code you will finally crack open the vault!

Sounds incredible doesn't it? 

Well. it worked for me and I wasn't born rich - I was born lazy! I like you realized I needed to find a strategy that works and that is all I did. Motivation is a question of strategy - use the right strategy and its like magic the way your life transforms before your eyes.

Why Haven't You Heard of Me Before Now?

I like to keep a relatively low profile. If it wasn't for the internet you might never have heard of me for a very good reason - I am too busy to fly around the country forcing my book down peoples´ throats! I much prefer to work with a smaller group of people who are serious about changing their lives.

And when I work with clients I charge $200 an hour. As you can understand - I am not looking to appeal to a huge audience.

Because of this the only way you can get your hands on my 5 Step Motivation System is through this site. I will not be making these breakthrough strategies available in book stores and you will not find me on TV or on the radio revealing my secrets to millions of people who do not qualify to be hearing them.

Do You Qualify to Get this 5 Step Motivation System?

Answer these five questions:

 (Simply check YES or NO)    

1. Are you prepared to invest 10-15 minutes a day to master the strategies you will learn?


2. Are you willing to try something new?


3. Do you agree to test it out for yourself over a 365 day period?


4. Are you are open to new ideas on how to use your mind?


Unless you answered Yes to question 1 and to at least one other question this system is not for you. Assuming you are ready to finally take charge of self-motivation...

What Motivated People Do and How to Join Them

When you get your hands on this system for the first time you will need to spend a little time to get familiar with the strategies and approaches I lay out in a step by step format. Its like learning any new skill. You will get faster and better at it as long as you use it each day. That's why I recommend investing at least 10-15 minutes a day to master these strategies.

Look. I learned these breakthrough techniques ten years ago and I still commit 15 minutes a day to fine tuning my motivation. If I don't do this I drift through the day without a sense of purpose.

Anyone who tells you they can motivate you once and that the effect will last indefinitely is either sadly mistaken or misleading you. 

Motivation doesn't work like that. 

Once you understand that its all about making motivation a daily habit you are ready to enjoy great success with The 5 Step Motivation System.

... Why not Test It for Yourself?

 If you are thinking...this will never work for me! I have one thing to say to you - why not test it for yourself?

Let's be honest. Things are not working out the way you want right now. And if you continue down the road you are on you will eventually hit a dead end. What are you going to do then? 

Hope things change for the better? I have news for you and I might as well tell you now because I had to find this out the hard way. Things are not going to get better simply because you hope they will.

Out of desperation I discovered that life changes when you change, not the other way around.

Here's Just Some of What You'll Learn When You Get Your Hands on The 5 Step Motivation System...

  • Discover why even motivational experts have times when they don't feel like achieving and how to know if your laziness is a problem or not. (page 4)

  • The critical & essential characteristic of all high achievers and how you can copy their approach and enjoy the same success. (page 7)

  • Warning! Be very careful you know the importance of selective motivation and the dangers of having a compulsive undirected drive to succeed. (page 10)

  • Make sure you find out the incredibly simple solution to achieving more and more in your life that so many people overlook. (page 5)

  • Do you want to know a very powerful way to enlist the help of other people? And ensure you don't ever consider backing out of your commitments. (page 14)

  • Discover why even motivational experts have times when they don't feel like achieving and how to know if your laziness is a problem or not. (page 4)

  • The little known and very powerful secret to defining what you really want in a way that engages you completely and gives your goals a magnetic quality. (page 25))

"Has Made Me Feel Energised And I Am Looking Forward Positively To Fulfilling My Own Ambitions"

"How we can make improvements in our motivation and avoid procrastination?

Peter explains how we can all achieve our goals by practicing the method he outlines in the book, his approach is non-judgmental and encouraging, you can feel the genuine concern and warmth in each page. 

Well researched & concise this positive and inspiring book will guide you through the 5-steps to motivation enabling you to overcome your fears. 

Join Peter's own metaphysical journey toward the understanding of what makes us successful and happy in our lives. Reading this book myself has made me feel energised and I am looking forward positively to fulfilling my own ambitions and will do the same for you."

Stewart Jenkins - Dorset, England

  • Find out about this very crucial step so many people neglect and then wonder why they feel bored and disinterested after they have done goal setting. (page 26)

  • Here's the powerful secret of using what gives you the greatest satisfaction to stay motivated no matter what happens to affect your plans. (page 54)

  • A powerful personal change tool you can use to ensure you feel deserving of the success you want – otherwise you may sabotage your best efforts. (page 58)

  • A simple yet highly effective way to insulate yourself from opinions of others that could stop you from even trying to succeed. (page 62)

  • Why it is really important to let go of all thought of what we do not want. Unless you know how your mind works you can actually fuel your fears. Instead discover how to let them go. (page 39)

  • This is the one simple question that can change your life when you know how to ask it. You'll enjoy a new peace of mind with this one. (page 37)

  • How to take memories from that past that limit you today and once and for all remove their grip on you. Put them behind you and enjoy far greater success than ever before. (page 35)

  • Here is an amazing way to release the tension that usually makes goal getting so uncomfortable. (page 42)

  • How Donald Trump stays on top with this one success habit you can copy today to enjoy greater achievement in your own life. (page 19)

  • How to listen to highly successful people and come away with valuable insights and revelations that can change the way you think forever. (page 22)

  • The little known free resource you can use to get help when you are ready to let go of all those limiting emotions that are holding you back. (page 40)

  • It's a bizarre way one busy executive starts his day so that he can easily ignore the negatives that could derail him in the office. (page 60)

  • The Motivation Supercharger. This is the technique that world-class sportspeople and even CEO´s use to ensure optimum performance when the pressure is on. You can use the same approach to get ahead faster. (page 69)

  • A fascinating interview with a published author and self-help expert that reveals many fascinating insights and a 5 step process you can use to create more success and even good luck! (page 85)

  • Here are the 3 ways to test if you are sufficiently motivated to do what needs to be done. (page 78)

  • How to have instant motivation anytime you choose. Discover 6 secrets to make this technique work miracles for you. (page 67)

  • Discover the 2 radically different ways people motivate themselves. Which one applies to you and how can you use this insight to get ahead more quickly? (page 51)  

Discover Hard Core Motivation and Save $25,000+

And as I explained earlier what you need right now before things get any worse, and believe me they can and will because that's the way things are headed, is an approach that - gets straight to the source of the hard core motivational strategies that work...

... One that does not leave out the most powerful techniques like the mass market courses do and that you can easily customize to your unique situation, for your life with all its complexities.

Just so you know the strategies in my system are available elsewhere if you have $25,000 laying around looking for a home. Do you have that kind of money to spend to turn your life around? 

I didn't either when I started on the journey you now find yourself on. I used to save up all month to be able to afford the high priced seminars I attended. It cost me 21% of my income for a year.

Was it worth it? Absolutely. Within months of starting the course I got a new job - a far more responsible position in a very progressive company and my salary jumped 89%. 

I also moved to a much better area and was thrilled to be living in a modern upscale apartment in one of the most sought after parts of town.

Still, none of this would have happened if I had wished, hoped and prayed that some day and some how things would get better. Someday never arrives unless you live in a town called nowhere! 

How much time have you already wasted waiting? Weeks, months, years? A lifetime is passing you by even faster than you think. None of us are getting any younger! 


  • How to demand more of yourself and as a side consequence find yourself getting more done with greater ease. (page 46)

  • This is the missing link in goal attainment. Until you understand this key distinction you will remain stuck in the cycle of tension and dissatisfaction so many people take for granted - even though it doesn't have to be that way. (page 41)

  • How to get rid of the emotional fog that make it hard for you to get motivated and how to think clearly about your goals and the best way to achieve them. (page 38)

  • Here's an amazing technique you can use anytime you want to feel motivated. Imagine the difference it will make to you when you can go from feeling apathetic to feeling motivated in moments! (page 30)

  • Beware! If this key element is missing you have little chance of being motivated no matter how desperate you are to kick the procrastination habit. (page 23)

  • Amazing! How psychologists can predict where your life is heading and how to use their insights to take back control of your destiny. (page 17)

  • Do you want to know about the powerful mental patterns that determine how high you will fly? What they are and how to use this knowledge to transform the quality of your life. (page 21)

  • A little known and easy way to become just like the most motivated people in your life… in a way that makes them determined to help you get ahead. (page 9)

  • Here's the subtle difference that makes the biggest difference between the winners in life and the masses who are still frustrated, hoping and stuck. (page 6)

  • Find out what the most successful people do that most people know nothing about. Use this approach to build an internal state of conviction that will propel you to greater success. (page 18)

  • At last, a very simple tactic that puts you back in control of why you do what you do while ensuring you also enjoy the rewards that matter most to you. (page 11)

  • A remarkably easy way to put an end to limiting habits based on fears that control what you will and will not attempt. As soon as you start using this strategy you will enjoy a sense of relief few people can even imagine. (page 36)

  • Why you need to align the potential for greater freedom with the achievement of your goals and how to do it. (page 53)

  • The amazing secret to quickly and easily turning off the negative thoughts that can stop you from achieving greatness. (page 59)

  • How to harness the power of positive and negative associations by using emotional intensity to create a solid state of motivation. (page 49)

  • How to take what usually makes you want to procrastinate and reprogram that stimulus to make you feel motivated instead. (page 77)

  • Here's a short cut method. A highly unusual script you can refer to each day to ensure you have lasting motivation. (page 81)  

    A Fascinating Research Study Revealed..

    This reminds me of a very interesting research study that was carried out in an old peoples nursing home. The researcher asked the residents who were all in the twilight years of their lives.. if could live your life over again would you do anything differently next time?

    The responses were absolutely fascinating. One of the most interesting findings was that the vast majority of these old people had very few regrets over things they had tried even those things that didn't work out. But interestingly if they had their lives to live over again they unanimously agreed that they would take more chances, do more new things and not let opportunities pass them by.

    You and I may not be quite at their stage - yet! Still, we can learn a lot from their attitude. And isn't the real thrill in life that sense of being alive we feel when we are discovering new things, growing as people and doing our very best to make our life all it can be?

    Unfortunately until you have the keys to unlocking your own special brand of self-motivation life is slipping by and you are missing out on all the good stuff. And nobody is going to turn up at the door one day with a package for you containing your share of what you have missed.

    Listen, the people who live full lives all share one crucial characteristic in common. They love their lives. Sure they have ups and downs like everyone else but they have the ability to motivate themselves. They don't need or expect someone else to do it for them.

    And they certainly don't make the mistake of waiting until the perfect time to get started. They have a sense of urgency to get going now. They know that time is biting at their heels and that the only way to even stand still in this competitive world is to keep moving.

    What a difference it will make when you know...

  • How to ensure the right balance between challenge and ease to avoid boredom and make sure you feel compelled to get into action. (page 50)

  • The 6 levels of motivation and the important implications for you if you want to achieve lasting motivation and the staying power to succeed. (page 43) 

  • This is the key success distinction that you cannot do without if you are serious about getting results. (page 56)

  • How to flip this cultural norm on its head and discover a raw drive that will make you unstoppable. (page 48)

  • This is the correct way to get results with this well known but widely misunderstood personal change technique. (page 61)

  • What you must do to take meaningless goals you are expected to work on and transform them into burning desires that put you in charge of how driven you feel. (page 20)

  • 3 sure-fire ways to virtually eliminate any fear that is holding you back. (page 29)

  • The barriers to completing tasks that can mean long lists of unfinished projects. And how to finally get on top of this problem for once and for all. (page 54)

  • How to relax in an instant even when you are moving full speed ahead to achieve more. (page 63)

  • Here's the fastest way to get ahead and virtually guarantee success before you even take the first step. (page 45)

  • This is the best way to deal with feelings of insecurity that stop you from making progress. (page 52)

  • Autopilot Motivation! This is a clever way to ensure you feel motivated to do those tasks you are usually reluctant to get done. (page 72)

  • What you need to know about procrastination and how to use this amazing insight to get ahead. (page 15)

  • Find out how to ensure you get results quickly with these breakthrough motivation strategies. (page 8)

  • The Fear Eliminator!  – a proven 8 step process to overcome any fear that is stopping you from doing what needs to be done. (page 33)

  • Do you know the red-hot secret to driving your behavior that achievers intuitively understand? This determines what will give you the purpose to persist when the going gets tough. (page 27)

  • The 8 patterns of motivation that determine whether or not you will feel motivated on any given day. (page 47)

    Why the Most Successful People Do What They Do

    Plus, highly successful people are constantly searching for any person, resource or information that can give them an edge. 

    Success happens at the margins...

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    On the other hand we all know people, I was one of them, who can't seem to complete anything or worse they can't even get started in the first place!

    When you look back on your life in later years which team do you want to see yourself on? 

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    If you are falling short of what you secretly know you are capable of then now is the time to make a fresh start.

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  • The Motivation Accelerator Process – a simple breakthrough 4 step process anyone can use to go from feeling lazy and indifferent to feeling motivated and driven in only 15 minutes. (page 79)

  • Why you need to know what millionaire focus really is and how it can enrich your life, lower your stress and help you to achieve greater success. (page 109)

  • This is the immobilizing force that can stop you in your tracks if you don't know how to deal with it. Discover why you must get a handle on this one or face certain failure. (page 28)

  • How to tune in your brain like a TV to enjoy pulsating feelings of motivation whenever you want. (page 75)

  • How to establish your internal motivation blueprint for greater success. (page 76)

  • This is the one key question you must ask yourself before you take the first step towards the attainment of your goals. Get this one wrong and you will regret it afterwards. (page 12)

  • A very fast paced interview with a highly motivated entrepreneur. You will discover that even successful people do certain things each day to stay motivated. Find out which tips could be used in your own life. (page 106)

  • Here's a very simple tactic you can use anytime you are bored but need to get things done. (page 13)

  • How to flip this cultural norm on its head and discover a raw drive that will make you unstoppable. (page 48)

  • Discover the crucial first step you must master before you jump into action otherwise you could waste valuable time and energy. (page 24)

  • How to turn on motivation at will. This is the amazing secret to taking charge of when and if you are motivated. (page 73)

  • The real reason why having high standards for your performance matters most of all on those days when you really don't even feel like trying. (page 44)

  • Could this be the fastest & most reliable way to get ahead with the least effort? (page 55)

  • This one fool-proof daily habit will keep you on track even when you feel like giving up. (page 57)

  • Why you are not as lazy as you think you are and how to find inspiration again. (page 16)  

  • And much, much more!

The 10 Reasons Why You will Feel Highly Motivated with Less Effort than Ever Before...

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  • The best way to dissolve the blocks that stop you taking action
  • How to speed up your progress with a 10-15 minutes a day conditioning process
  • The simple way to switch off negative thoughts and feel good about yourself
  • How to take charge of any fear that stops you from succeeding
  • How to deal with obstacles and set backs that would stop others in their tracks

You will be able to quickly and easily get motivated and stay motivated when you apply the peak performance strategies I will reveal to you.

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Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy, Peak Performance Expert

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